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KinDNAmic’s core belief is that embracing Kindness with humans at the centre as a collective value – from individuals to teams and entire corporations – lays the foundation for a Collaborative-Cooperative-Culture in which people flourish. We maintain that Kindness inspires mutual respect and synergistic performance, leading to employee loyalty, productivity, profitability, and a sense of belonging. KinDNAmic empowers corporations to not only retain employees but also encourage them to bring their best selves to the workspace, ultimately creating a happier home life.

Our ecosystem and strategic partners are dedicated to the development of creative, productive, and respectful work environments where staff feel valued and motivated. KinDNAmic utilises a variety of custom tools: mentorship, coaching, workshop, and gamified solutions to engage and inspire its clients.

Our Vision

We envision a thriving humanity of kindness, respect, and compassion to represent greatness in action for every person, community and the planet.

Our Mission

KinDNAmic’s calling is to empower collaboration, nurture growth, and foster human sustainability into positive corporate cultures by prioritising employee well-being and retention and promoting inclusiveness, equity, and emotional intelligence.


Our Team

Showing kindness in action nurtures humility and compassion in each and every interaction.
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Preet Dev

Co-founder and CEO, has a proven track record of success in the technology industry and is passionate about the mission to teach a positive attitude of mind.

Preet’s personal journey has led her to embrace the importance of kindness. It was following work-induced stress that Preet embarked on a global journey of self-discovery and personal development from great mentors such as Alan Shelton, Berny Dohrmann, Marie Diamond, Carole Spiers, and Viola Edward. Her experiences have fuelled her determination to help others reach their dream potential, build their own vision, and thrive, even in the face of adversity.

Preet holds a BA degree in International Business Management and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in New Venture Development, both with honours from the University of West London. She has global professional experience in leaders in digital marketing, software sellers for Microsoft SharePoint lifecycle management solutions, and leaders in IT security, storage, and systems management.

Preet and the growing team of KinDNAmic are committed to empowering an worldwide community of ambassadors to generate a wave of kindness in every major business and corporation. By creating a space where individuals can thrive, not just survive, KinDNAmic is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of the corporate world through the power of kindness.

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Kristian Kemery-Toone

Co-founder and CTO, brings his extensive expertise in technology and passion for kindness to the mission of transforming corporate culture. Boasting a successful track record across various industries, Kristian is committed to making a positive global impact supporting Agenda 2030 and the United Nation’s SDGs. He has established a global network of like-minded CEOs, founders, and investors dedicated to serve this purpose.

As a Certified Personal Trainer, Kristian has trained clients with diverse needs and goals, from pain management to athletes and a professional football team to deliver rehabilitation and performance services. Previously, as Senior Graphic Designer at CNBC Europe, he founded an internal advertising agency generating significant revenue from clients such as Rolex, Eurohypo Bank, and the Olympic Committee.

He has provided strategic support to start-ups and co-hosted virtual online summits for international experts. As an Ambassador for the Universal Peace Federation and a Founding Member of Ark2030, Kristian has contributed to global projects and humanitarian missions through technical support and media design. He has also led a youth program focused on ecology restoration and natural conservation.

At KinDNAmic, Kristian’s CTO responsibilities encompass product ecosystem creation, platform design, branding, and delivering event and workshop experiences. Through his technical expertise and passion for kindness he strives to revolutionise corporate culture.

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Board Advisors

Marie Diamond

President and CEO at Marie Diamond Group
Global Transformational Leader, Speaker, Author

Guy Jones

Chief Executive Officer, Communication River
Brand Value Education, Coaching, Messaging

Carole Spiers

Founder International Stress
Awareness Week
Stress, Wellbeing, Organisational Change Speaker

Arti Halai

Presentation, Media and Communications Specialist
Broadcaster, Entrepreneur,Public Speaker, Author

Viola Edward

Co-Founder & CEO
Renown Personal & Corporate Advisor/Mentor, Transcultural Psychotherapist

Ricardo Sookdeo

Managing Partner, Oxford Leadership
Global Leadership, Talent & Culture Development Expert

Viola Edward

Co-Founder & CEO
Renown Personal & Corporate Advisor/Mentor, Transcultural Psychotherapist

Ricardo Sookdeo

Managing Partner, Oxford Leadership
Global Leadership, Talent & Culture Development Expert
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Your Goals - Our Goal

Fostering and promoting a movement of kindness enhances the connections made by peer-to-peer and teams-to-team leaders within an organisation. Empathy and understanding between individuals foster a culture of work excellence and build positive emotional environments, leading to higher levels of efficiency. The underlying factor for developing excellence and efficiency is that employees feel genuinely valued for who they are and what they contribute to their teams.

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Our ultimate purpose is to deliver a global group of Kindness Curators empowered to impact corporate cultures nourishing and welcoming in a new paradigm in business values and ethics.
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